Automatic Blue

Drew Linehan's work has always existed fluidly between genres. As a member of Hausu's punk-inspired electronica trio Repeater, he found himself writing this idiosyncratic electronic pop music that never fit into the group's boundaries; ranging from giant 80s-inspired synth pop monoliths to hip-hop beats rattling with hi-hats, Kaytranada-esque house-infused funk, and futuristic R&B with heavily distorted and manipulated vocals. Automatic Blue became a home for this new work.

In 2018, this material saw its first outing; his debut collection of tracks Baby showcasing his range on what he calls an album about apathy, sick thoughts, repetition, not being a "morning person", changing for the worse, wanting to change for the better, not changing at all, and then sometimes thinking maybe you will change for the better."

This deeply personal first deep dive was quickly followed by one-off single Happy House which combined these elements with sharp focus in a five-minute space odyssey featuring with the art direction of Tadhg, acting as a prelude to a second era of releases for 2019.

In 2019, Automatic Blue stretches his muscles as a producer, collaborating with a diverse array of musicians including techno producers, vocalists (including Ghostking is Dead, Arthur Valentine and Repeater bandmate Mothra), session players and a series of remix artists including lo-fi prodigy Jar Jar Jr and bedroom rap star Alex Gough.

The first step into this new era is new single Antoinette.




LP [HR-004]

Happy House

Single [HS-004]


Single [HS-009]

make friends

Single [HS-014]