Automatic Blue

Drew Linehan's career as a songwriter took him from roaring youthful punk groups to Hausu's oddity outfit Repeater, to behind the boards on bedroom pop heights with Arthur Valentine. Throughout this tour of projects, his sound has leapt wildly from genre to genre, but the same core influences remain - the aesthetics and songwriting style of 90s alternative rock, and the bold, beat-driven production of modern hip-hop and electronic music. Automatic Blue is the full realisation of this: it sounds like the spirit of Fearghal McKee being summoned through some dodgy cracked VST in Ableton Live.

In 2018, this material saw its first outing; his debut collection of tracks Baby showcasing his range on what he calls an album about apathy, sick thoughts, repetition, not being a "morning person", changing for the worse, wanting to change for the better, not changing at all, and then sometimes thinking maybe you will change for the better."

This deeply personal first deep dive was quickly followed by one-off single Happy House which combined these elements with sharp focus in a five-minute space odyssey featuring with the art direction of Tadhg, acting as a prelude to a second era of releases for 2019.

A period of artistic self-discovery followed on mixtape Junk which saw Linehan diving into more traditional songwriting and production on bangers such as Antoinette; after this, the lessons learned were transferred back onto his earlier style, leading towards his forthcoming major release in 2021.

It sounds as much like Elliot Smith as it does like Kendrick Lamar... actually that sounds shit, don't write that down, I wouldn't listen to that.




LP [HR-004]

Happy House

Single [HS-004]


Single [HS-009]

make friends

Single [HS-014]