A Cork-area collective of artists.



The genesis of Hausu comes from this collaborative effort diving into DIY, punk, hip-hop and electronica and dragging a sort of “death disco” out the other side. Danceable complex synth work meets distortion and guitar-driven mayhem in the vein of electro-clash. Jack Corrigan (Actualacid), Drew Linehan (Automatic Blue) and Hassan Baker (Mothra) conjure up a rare atmosphere on this entirely unique work.

Ghostking is Dead

Citing influences including The Antlers, Mac DeMarco, James Blake and David Bowie, Matt Corrigan's work as Ghostking Is Dead switch from delicate and carefree to towering, glistening monoliths. The project aims to bring audiences on adventure into a variety of styles, combining Corrigan’s varying musical fields of interest. The result is new sounds, borne from experimentation and integration, while always maintaining a pop edge.

Automatic Blue

Automatic Blue became a home for Drew Linehan's idiosyncratic electronic pop music, ranging from giant 80s-inspired synth pop monoliths to hip-hop beats rattling with hi-hats, Kaytranada-esque house-infused funk, and futuristic R&B with heavily distorted and manipulated vocals.


Hausu founder, Repeater member and producer Jack Corrigan’s solo work as Actualacid focuses on modern takes on psychedelic music, atmospheric sound design, and Internet-age aesthetics, told in an intimate personal setting coloured by his unique sense of humour. His experimental Boredoms series of releases represents an exploration of the limits of his defined solo sound.

Arthur Valentine

Arthur Valentine is the eclectic pop project of Cork based singer/songwriter and producer Luke Aston. Exploring universal themes such as love, fear, faith and deleting/re-downloading Instagram time and time again, he is desperately trying to not take himself too seriously while writing this bio.

Drew Hall

Cork-based singer/songwriter Drew Hall developed his unique, loose R&B style during time spent writing in Los Angeles. Arriving home, Drew quickly became a full-time member of the Hausu crew, working on a series of initial singles with the support of Ghostking is Dead and Actualacid, and playing live with Automatic Blue.


In his music Hassan Baker attempts to a more confident self hiding behind obscurity, covering the topics of self-identity and maturity in a digital world as a first generation immigrant lad living in two conflicting cultures. Blistering hip-hop produced by his labelmates and infused with punk spirit.


Upstairs at a sesh somewhere in Cork city, an impromptu jam session led to this explosive g-funk, peppered with bass, french horn (french horn?) and an unlikely choir of friends.


Neil O'Sullivan-Greene

Illustrator and concept artist with an emphasis on storytelling and narrative; draws from the rich worlds of Celtic and Norse mythology.

Emer Kiely

A designer and illustrator working with the things she loves; creator of the Hausu brand identity and multiple album artworks.

Colm Cahalane

Self-described "Hausu PR rat" and technologist. Develops software, systems and processes. Does some print work if he must. Would love to email you.


Tadhg McNealy – who joined Hausu as a graphic designer, visual artist and photographer – has always tended towards brutalism and architectural-inspired minimalism. Working with Hausu on artwork, he's also preparing a debut release for the collective.