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diy, psych, punk, indie, electronica, hip-hop

cork, ireland; 2018-∞ | @hausurecords | on facebook

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Ghostking is Dead@ghostkingisdead | on facebook

Citing influences including The Antlers, Mac DeMarco, James Blake and David Bowie, Matt Corrigan's work as Ghostking Is Dead switch from delicate and carefree to towering, glistening monoliths. The project aims to bring audiences on adventure into a variety of styles, combining Corrigan’s varying musical fields of interest. The result is new sounds, borne from experimentation and integration, while always maintaining a pop edge.

Repeateron facebook

The genesis of Hausu comes from this collaborative effort diving into DIY, punk, hip-hop and electronica and dragging a sort of “death disco” out the other side. Danceable complex synth work meets distortion and guitar-driven mayhem in the vein of electro-clash. Jack Corrigan (Actualacid), Drew Linehan (Automatic Blue) and Hassan Baker (Mothra) conjure up a rare atmosphere on this entirely unique work.

Actualacid@JckCorrigan | on facebook

Jack Corrigan's first effort was “an EP about wanting to visit space without leaving the house, arrested development (the bad kind), lethargy, boredom, and my dog.”. A series of psych-pop vignettes, washed out electronic jams and stories of isolation, Actualacid's production focuses on disarming, immersive atmospheres. Corrigan's trademark humour can be found lurking behind the psychedelic textures and echoing guitars, though. Especially on the songs about his dog.

Automatic Blue@DrewLinehan | on facebook

Drew Linehan writes music about “apathy, sick thoughts, repetition, not being a "morning person", changing for the worse, wanting to changefor the better, not changing at all, and then sometimes thinking maybe you will change for the better.” As Automatic Blue, he chases this mood through washed-out synth-pop numbers peppered with organic instrumentation throughout. But the real joy is in the synth work, heavily-distorted drums and some subtle sample twists.

Mothra@_hassanbaker | read more

As Mothra, Hassan Baker expresses a more confident self hiding behind obscurity, covering the topics of self-identity and maturity in a digital world as a first generation immigrant lad living in two conflicting cultures. Blistering hip-hop produced by his labelmates and infused with punk spirit.

Arthr Valentineto follow

Luke Aston’s pop project will make its debut in 2019. Bolstered by the production efforts of his Hausu peers and bringing a unique sense of aesthetic and sensibility to Hausu, we’re excited to show you what has been happening in the studio this summer.


As well as releasing music, Hausu works with other local creatives. Some of our other members include:

  • Emer Kiely — graphic designer/illustrator.
  • Tadhg McNealy — visual designer working with identity, multimedia and live visuals.
  • Colm Cahalane — webmaster, pr, mgmt (and some print work if he has to)
  • Neil O’Sullivan-Greene — illustrator, concept artist, member of the Ghostking is Dead live band

As well as working on the brand and visual design of Hausu's music releases, we aim to focus more on direct output, including through this website and a zine.