Irish independent label and collective.

About Hausu

Hausu is an artists collective and record label based in Cork, Ireland, founded in a late 2017 around a buzz of activity by a close group of friends and collaborators. We mainly work in home studios, with some label members living and recording together every day.

Taking our namesake from the Japanese film Hausu, known for strange vivid yet home-made special effects, we aim to carry that same spirit. This label is an independent platform that celebrates DIY music and cross-genre experimentation; a home for sounds and ideas ranging from post-punk to alternative R&B, from instrumental hip-hop to psychedelic indie rock.

With roots laid as far apart as LA and Dublin, features on national radio, global Spotify playlists, festival stages and more, we continue to punch above our weight. We remain fiercely independent and committed to artists in our community, including designing and distributing physical releases for local artists we love. We've worked with artists like Alex Gough, Pat Lagoon, and Marcus Woods on collaborations and remixes.

Preparing debut albums and other huge projects to come, Hausu aims to make a global impact in the years ahead.

Hausu is managed by Colm Cahalane; who'll answer any queries about the label at


Ghostking is Dead

Citing influences including The Antlers, Mac DeMarco, James Blake and David Bowie, Matt Corrigan's work as Ghostking Is Dead switch from delicate and carefree to towering, glistening monoliths. The project aims to bring audiences on adventure into a variety of styles, combining Corrigan’s varying musical fields of interest. The result is new sounds, borne from experimentation and integration, while always maintaining a pop edge.

Automatic Blue

Automatic Blue filters the iconic sounds of 90s alternative rock through the lens of contemporary hip-hop and electronic music production, channelling the spirits of Nirvana and Kanye in some arcane summoning circle focused on a dodgy cracked VST in Ableton Live on a dying Windows laptop.

Arthur Valentine

Arthur revels in blending his traditional acoustic pop songwriting with innovative, wholly unique production; drawing from no end of unusual sources of samples and inspirations, with warm, prismatic, harmonised vocals, wrapped in sunlight.


Hausu founder, Repeater member and producer Jack Corrigan’s solo work as Actualacid focuses on modern takes on psychedelic music, atmospheric sound design, and Internet-age aesthetics, told in an intimate personal setting coloured by his unique sense of humour. His experimental Boredoms series of releases represents an exploration of the limits of his defined solo sound.

Drew Hall

Cork-based singer/songwriter Drew Hall developed his unique, loose R&B style during time spent writing in Los Angeles. Now bouncing between his two musical homes, his laid-back vibe has developed into something special, with Hausu members often chiming in to collaborate across the Atlantic.