Hausu founder, Repeater member and producer Jack Corrigan’s solo work as Actualacid focuses on modern takes on psychedelic music, atmospheric sound design, and Internet-age aesthetics, told in an intimate personal setting coloured by his unique sense of humour. His experimental Boredoms series of releases represents an exploration of the limits of his defined solo sound, but his work at the other fringes of the Hausu canon - remixes, beats, and sideprojects like Whytewyne - show his versatility and wide range of influences.

Taking sound notes from artists across the spectrum from Nicolas Jaar to Young Thug, taking aesthetic notes across the spectrum from Bandcamp tape labels to nightmarish algorithmically generated YouTube videos, Actualacid acts as a wildcard for Hausu - constantly bounding in new directions, tied together by connecting threads in analog synthesis and his warm sonic palette.



Single [HS-001]


Single [HS-012]