Ghostking is Dead

Ghostking is Dead is the project of Cork-based producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Matt Corrigan. Writing about themes of personal struggle, grim surroundings and uncertain futures, Matt brings the listener on a journey of bright lights and fading memories, through textured soundscapes that draw equally from indie rock, R&B, soul, blues and hip-hop, led by a soaring lead vocal. Recounted streams of emotion, waves of sound and vibrant melody take the shape of emotional highs and lows, forming from crisp guitar lines, smooth hip-hop infused drums, keys and bass.

Co-founder of Hausu, Ghostking is Dead has been producing all his own material since 2016, keeping the music true to his own vision, constantly experimenting and finding new room for invention in his sound. Ghostking is Dead works with visual artists both within and beyond the collective to conjure a unified aesthetic, an authentic picture of the musical and lyrical sentiments.

Critic Remy Connolly noted “Ghostking Is Dead doesn't do limitations, and is very comfortable at strafing across a multitude of styles and sounds with uncanny ease”, in reference to his 2018 run of singles which ran the gauntlet from "No Light", a hard-edged rock stomper, to the R&B crooner “Tokyo” which Spotify listed as part of “the next generation of urban sounds representing the Emerald Isle”.

Supported live by a band of accomplished musicians, GKID can bring a room into his world, and has done so at venues all over Cork and in Dublin, including playing at Body And Soul Festival, The Good Room’s It Takes A Village, and legendary sold-out local headliners.

Praise for the live show:

"Then Corrigan began to sing, and if you haven’t heard Ghostking is Dead before, that bellowing voice will blow you away the first time you hear it." - Jacks Media

Praise for released music:

"‘This Is Doubt’ is a unique collection of enthralling and enchanting tracks filled with rich rhythms, deep meanings and expressive vocals. There is something quite mesmerising about each track." - Indie Buddie

“The single confirms Ghostkingisdead doesn't do limitations, and is very comfortable at strafing across a multitude of styles and sounds with uncanny ease.” -REMY, on 'Tokyo'

"As technically accomplished as you’d expect from a musical prodigy, with a bone-dry sense of humour to boot."

"Taking cues from The Antlers, Mac DeMarco, and Bowie, the E.P. is a look down the rabbit hole of Corrigan’s musical and thematic eccentricities" -Nialler9, on 'Sweet Boy'

"It's bright but it's mirthless, starry-eyed but disillusioned, laidback but unsettled." -MOTLEY



Fever Dreaming

Single [HR-006]

Palm Tree

Single [HR-006-A]


Single [HR-006-B]

No Light

Single [HS-002]


Single [HS-003]

Lucky Warrior

Single [HS-005]


Single [HS-008]


Remix EP [HX-001]