Hassan Baker, a founding member of Hausu, is gearing up with his debut solo project.

Hassan’s journey started five years ago on the Cork spoken word scene, covering themes of self awareness, inner and outer conflicts, the general mundanity that comes from his personal experience living in two conflicting cultures. His lyricism brought him to the Cork punk band Skrujax, then on to Hausu’s own experimentalists Repeater where he cut his teeth rapping over blistering, energetic instrumentals. The new project aims to cover the topics of self-identity and maturity in a digital world and the loneliness it brings about. Taken from the lived experience of his early 20's Hassan tries to diguise himself as Mothra, a more confident self hiding behind obscurity.

During Hausu’s summer break the debut project began to take shape, and the lyrical sketches of this were debuted as "The Mothra Drafts", a spoken word performance, at this year’s Electric Picnic festival Theatre Stage under the banner of the Word Up Collective.