Automatic Blue

A member of Hausu’s founding band Repeater, Drew Linehan is unveiling his solo project Automatic Blue with a Double EP, "Baby". Describing the project: "Baby" is an album about apathy, sick thoughts, repetition, not being a "morning person", changing for the worse, wanting to change for the better, not changing at all, and then sometimes thinking maybe you will change for the better.

Lead single Akira explores these themes through the lens of the film of the same name, a quiet synth-pop jam against heavy distorted drums, autotuned vocals and building layers. True to the DIY feel of previous Hausu releases, Baby is both solo debut and collective effort, as Jack Corrigan (Actualacid) contributes to three of the tracks.

In a playlist listing the influences on the new record, names include Perfume Genius, King Krule, Elliot Smith, The Beach Boys and Panda Bear. Check out that playlist here:

This is the fourth release from Hausu, a new collective based in Cork city that aims to be a home for DIY projects and new music ideas. Baby is one of a series of Hausu releases for 2018, which includes an upcoming Repeater EP, debuts from Arthr and Mothra, and two previous releases from Actualacid and Ghostking Is Dead.


Happy House

Single [HS-004]


Single [HS-009]

make friends

Single [HS-014]