Deep Blue

Drew Hall

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Deep Blue is a perfect piece of alternative R&B; Hall's vocal itself is smooth and assured, crooning and moody, sitting over funky, fuzzy guitars and live drums, building to guitar solos that add just a drop of psychedelic energy, setting the track alight in an instant.

Following debut single Headache, Drew Hall returned to LA to continue collaborating and developing his craft. Already having built up a network and songwriting experience, 2020 saw him racking up studio time; both working as an engineer with Speakeasy Sound Studios and directly with artists like Sophia Wells (earning a feature credit on Thinking About You) and Chelsamina (who co-wrote this new release); but the changing tides of 2020 gave him time to bring these huge developments in sound to his solo work.

This fusion of styles and meticulous DIY production channels established acts like Unknown Mortal Orchestra or Uly, and cements himself as an artist to watch on both sides of the Atlantic.

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