No Light

Ghostking is Dead

(WAV files)

Matt Corrigan, bandleader behind Ghostking Is Dead, is releasing No Light to celebrate his 20th birthday, It leans darker, almost into a rock stomper with driven bassline and heavy guitar, but the vocals are another departure, experimenting with the use of autotune and glitchy vocal chops. It's been an exciting year for the Ghostking project; refining and building his sound with the Sweet Boy EP, winning Ireland's intervarsity Battle of the Bands, performing live at It Takes A Village and now planning multiple releases during Hausu Singles Season.


Fever Dreaming

Single [HR-006]

Palm Tree

Single [HR-006-A]


Single [HR-006-B]


Single [HS-003]

Lucky Warrior

Single [HS-005]


Single [HS-008]


Remix EP [HX-001]