This is Doubt

Ghostking is Dead

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‘This Is Doubt’ is a unique collection of enthralling and enchanting tracks filled with rich rhythms, deep meanings and expressive vocals. There is something quite mesmerising about each track. —

genuinely amazing, check this piece of art out — Marcus Woods (District Recordings)

Ghostking Is Dead doesn't do limitations, and is very comfortable at strafing across a multitude of styles and sounds with uncanny ease. — REMY

One of the most interesting acts in Cork[...] There’s a real King Krule aspect to this, a jazz vibe, a pop vibe, a total nonchalance that I think is great. — Eoghan O’Sullivan, The Point of Everything

After releasing his Hausu debut - the Sweet Boy EP - and three standalone singles in 2018, as well as a packed touring schedule including the inaugural It Takes A Village festival, Matthew Corrigan’s solo project Ghostking is Dead returns with a new EP, This Is Doubt, on Hausu. Following the trajectory of his musical evolution, This Is Doubt sees Corrigan experimenting with new forms within his songs.

This EP draws from the difficulties of the year’s work so far, the physical and emotional price of the work, and the pressure of creating newer, groundbreaking work despite having a huge number of songs written by age 20. There’s even a little hint at it on the tracklist; a new rendition of an earlier Bandcamp single Tokyo serves as the EP’s new single - Tokyo having always been a song about recreating and changing identities; “and I don’t think I can do this too many times more”

The doubt Corrigan feels leaks into the very DNA of the release/project; opening track Hollow sets the tone with a spoken-word drawl noting “the price of success is high and the only coin is my health”; the trademark jazz influence present across Corrigan’s work lands right into place here. Yet there’s also a boldness and a confidence in Doubt’s new sounds; a willingness to play with structures, vocoder vocals, warm synth and hip-hop influences.

Cork’s DIY collective, Hausu, returns after a brief hiatus with a series of new plans; events, releases and even a fresh coat of paint.



Fever Dreaming

Single [HR-006]

Palm Tree

Single [HR-006-A]


Single [HR-006-B]

No Light

Single [HS-002]


Single [HS-003]

Lucky Warrior

Single [HS-005]


Single [HS-008]


Remix EP [HX-001]