Upstairs at a Party


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Hausu was meant to have a loud end to the year.

We had a bunch of best-made plans - at a party in September we played three EPs to our attendees. One of them, Ghostking is Dead's "This Is Doubt" was released in October. Tadhg McNealy's debut EP "Third Person" and Automatic Blue's "Junk" were set to follow. We shot videos, held photoshoots, started working on press releases, even sent previews of the project out to some of our favourite publications. We had plans to drop Actualacid's second EP of the year, the Ghostking is Dead B-Sides, and a slate of remixes. I was working on a whole new version of the website, one that other independent labels could copy and build off of for themselves, and we wanted to build a new independent artists' forum. We wanted all of this out by Christmas.

We had a chat with some friends and supporters who've been around the block a little more than we've been, and decided we didn't want our best work to get lost in the end-of-year hype; we wanted to give each release room to grow. Drew ended up writing more songs for his EP, and laying plans for an incredible live show. Tadhg is taking the time to work on a music video. The website and the forum are still in development. We figured we'd save all these boons for 2019, and started working on a timeline.

I was in a car on my way from Cork back to Dublin when Jack messaged the Hausu group on Discord to say they were planning a midnight release for Whytewyne.

Yesterday me and Drew began a funky little number, two hours later Luke arrived and crooned fire on it, an hour after that Robyn's friends started arriving for her pre-drinks including one Sir Eddie Marks who was just back from Dublin where he was collecting his French Horn. We now have TWO absolute sexy slappers featuring french horn, funk bass, g-funk synth, can cracking, sex noises, psych guitar lines, funksoul drums and David Daly in Beast Mode
Also a crowd singalong with several drunk party members
They will be on Soundcloud at 12 o clock and we are shortly commencing an instagram takeover
Thank you and please enjoy these funk slices

Jack works as Actualacid, Drew is Automatic Blue, Luke is Arthur Valentine (his first single is coming in 2019).

I landed in Dublin, put up the Whytewyne page on the Hausu website. We didn't even have the name "Upstairs At A Party" by then. It just appeared with the title "Whytewyne – Recorded November 17th, 2018" in a race to get it out before Sunday November 18th ended.

We racked up a few plays from friends and supporters.

We figured we might as well launch it to Spotify.

Before Monday was out, Jack fired a second surprise into the chat; "Alex Gough remix master inbound folks".

With the Alex verse on it, I found myself with an accidental hit on my hands. Loose, spontaneous, braggadocious and ambitious. I guess we were meant to have a loud end to the year after all.

Whytewyne's "Upstairs At A Party" drops on all streaming services on November 30th.

text by Colm, Hausu PR Rat